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Customised to your needs

Details can be customised to suit the drivers of each car.

You need:

  1. A booking schedule

  2. A trip logger

  3. A bank account that's dedicated to the car

  4. An agreement made between the drivers

1. Booking schedule: Click on this schedule to try one out

Screenshot (438).png

2. Driver trip logging: 

To measure miles driver by each driver

Screenshot (738).png

3. A vehicle's bank account

Screenshot (460).png

4. Driver agreement: 

To customise how the Shared Access Vehicle is used

Screenshot (609)_edited.jpg
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Other details of Shared Access Vehicles

  • Insurance: With very few drivers, it is possible to add them as additional drivers to a car's existing insurance. 

  • Keys: Some Shared Access Vehicles use a spare set of keys, others use a key safe, its up to you.

  • Alternatives: Hiyacar and Karshare use an Airbnb approach to do something similar to Shared Access Vehicles and on Hiyacar it's now possible to create 'Closed Loops' of compatible drivers. So far their insurance is still for 'any driver', which makes it expensive.